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Low Priced Women's Clothing

Designer Women's Clothing at Low Prices

When you buy women's clothing online, VivaVuva knows that you want two things, high quality women's apparel at amazing prices.  It is just that simple and these are the two things that VivaVuva strives for in every piece of women's clothing that is added to it's collection.  

High quality women's clothing means fashion that is made with quality fabrics, superior thread, accurate pattern cutting and proper stitching.

Low priced women's clothing means offering our high quality women's fashion at prices that at a minimum meet and the majority of the time are much lower than that of other women's fashion retailers while maintaing the superior quality apparel.

Name Brand Women's Fashion Retailers Markup Their Clothing as Much as 700%  

Is this true that national women's fashion name brands markup their clothing up to 700%?  Yes it is.  Most people are unaware on how the women's fashion industry operates.  Many women think that just because it is higher priced it must be higher quality.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE.  The fact is, high quality women's clothing generally costs all retailers about the same price to design and manufacture the piece.  From fabric to thread to cutting and sewing, the cost of a high quality women's fashion piece does vary too greatly.

VivaVuva's Markup is Very Low to Save You Money

VivaVuva's women's clothing collection is a high quality selection of apparel, the majority of which is made in the USA.  The only difference is that at VivaVuva, our markup is usually at most 100% which is considered to be very low in the women's apparel industry, not just in the United States, but globally.  We know that if you love what you buy, love what you wear and love our price that you will choose VivaVuva time and time again for your women's apparel.  Its a simple philosophy that we are 100% commited to.

VivaVuva is commited to the high quality women's clothing at the very best prices, thats our moto and thats what we do.





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