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Women's Fashion

Lets Talk Women's Fashion.

Women's fashion is an ever changing dynamic of fabric, colors, textures and styles. Each year and each season brings a whole new selection of various women's fashion pieces that you can add to your wardrobe to create new and fashion leading outfits. Women enjoy an incredible amount of fashion choices that encompass women's tops, women's shorts, maxi skirts, jumpsuits and bodysuits, denim jeans, basic women's fashion as well as a whole host of accessories and shapewear. Mixing and matching different tops and bottoms as well as layering is about individual fashion expression. Our fashion choices makes us the individuals that we are and none of us are the same. For one woman, a professional classy look is what predominates her wardrobe with basic tops, conservative fabrics and textures and leggings and bottom pieces that are more suited for an office environment. Some girls prefer the sexy look with sexy women's tops, sexy women's shorts and sexy accessories that add an edgy feminine appeal. This could include sexy mesh leggings, faux leather leggings, sexy crop tops and lace inspired tops that creates the fashion look more suited to a women looking for that sexy and sassy look. What ever your style, VivaVuva has a style that meets your lifestyle. Leggings have become an integral part of a women's fashion wardrobe and at VivaVuva.com, we offer the world's largest selection of leggings as well as women's tops, shorts, maxi skirts and jumpsuits.



Leggings and women's leg fashion are women's fashion pieces that encompasses all women's clothing that dress up your legs. Even though most women view leggings as being the tight style of leg fashion where fabric is stitched in a way that tightly covers the legs, leggings are actually a very diverse women's fashion piece. Legging styles include bell bottom leggings, harem leggings, capri leggings and loose fit leggings as well as wide leg leggings. All of these legging categories us fabric to create a fashion look with varying degrees of fit. A loose fit or relaxed fit leggings drapes the legs in a less constricted way that allows a flowing natural look without the skin tight style most commonly associated with leggings. Bell bottom leggings give that retro legging style with a semi-tight design and a flared look around the ankles. Harem leggings are ideal for comfort and casual styling. These leggings are loose throughout the main body of the legging but come together to form a tight finish at the ankles and usually have pockets. However you like to wear your leggings, the varied styles of fit give you enormous fashion options that can greatly expand the functionality of your women's fashion wardrobe.

Tight fit leggings is what is normally thought of when the word leggings comes to mind. Women's fashion is a very diverse expanse of fabrics, styles and colors and leggings that form tight to the body are considered to be the predominant style. However, the style, color and texture of fabrics used has expanded greatly to the point where women's leggings have become and entire fashion category all unto their own. Whether its cotton leggings, metallic leggings, faux leather leggings, mesh leggings, tribal leggings or constructed legging styles, your options for leg fashion using leggings are huge. Basic cotton leggings are a must for women's fashion as they add a genuine and versatile fashion element. A pair black cotton leggings will go a very long way in creating dozens of outfits for you. Faux leather leggings have also become a very common form of women's leg fashion. Most women think of a basic pair of black leather leggings when they think of leather leggings but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Faux leather leggings now come in amazing constructed styles that include a mix of cotton, ponte and polyester fabrics. If your browse through some of our leather leggings here at VivaVuva, you will see an amazing array of faux leather legging styles that are just as classy as they are sexy.

Perhaps one of the most recognized style of leggings are the varied print and color styles that include retro leggings, mesh leggings, animal print leggings, galaxy leggings, floral leggings and tribal leggings. These leggings come in an array of colors and styles. Retro leggings have become a very popular style with 1960's and 70's fabric styles that mimic the days of wild color and visually eclectic styling. Tribal leggings are a very popular style that use Aztec, Mayan, Native american and more ancient forms of visuals. Galaxy leggings have become a leggings phenomenon. Galaxy leggings utilize cosmic and galaxy style prints and can be very colorful or black and white monochrome designs. Everything from nebula leggings, planet leggings, space shuttle leggings and more can be the subject matter on the fabric of these leggings. The point is, women's fashion allows for a virtually unlimited selection of choices and it is all premised on the individual. Individual styling is the most important ingredient in women's fashion so do not be scared to show off your personality.


Women's Shorts

There is nothing like a great pair of sexy women's shorts to spice up your summer wardrobe and keep your fashion options fresh. A great selection of sexy shorts is an essential part of any women's fashion wardrobe and lest we say that VivaVuva carries some of the very best selection of sexy women's shorts to keep you inspired and looking your best. Women's shorts come in so many different colors, styles and fabrics that your choices are virtually endless when picking out new summer fashions. Women's shorts can be as easy as a great pair of harem shorts or as bold and daring as a pair of animal print shorts or even camouflage shorts. You can keep it simple and easily add basic cotton shorts for layering and accessorizing your fashion wardrobe. Fit and feel are as important as style as there is nothing worse than a pair of sexy summer shorts that constrict and pinch. The fact is, you can easily have it all in your summer shorts wardrobe. VivaVuva is proud to offer some of the very best made in the USA women's fashion and our selection of women's summer shorts will keep you looking and feeling your best all summer long.


Women's Tops

There is more to a great looking women's top than just stitch fabric. A sexy women's top is all about the culmination of fabric, cut, style and color that ultimately sets off your fashion ensemble. Women's tops come in what seems to be an endless mix of designs, syles and color and not all styles are meant for all women. Lets face it ladies, we are all different and we all need a mix of various colors and styles that match our individual style. Women's tops range from tank tops, crop tops, t shirts, blouses, button down shirts, chambray shirts and a host of so many more. Sexy crop tops have been a season favorite as are of course, a great fitting women's tank top. How about a gorgeous chiffon blouse to set off a pair of black cotton leggings. The pairing options are endless but it is so important to stick with your individual style and a fashion look that will set off your personality. For example, a denim chambray shirt can be an absolutely cute and stylish women's top when you pair it with the right women's bottom. If the look is you, then perhaps a basic women's t-shirt with a pair of sexy denim jeans or if you are looking for maximum comfort, a pair of faux leather leggings. Women's tops can be an endless discussion of color style and texture but never be afraid to add new styles of women's tops to your fashion wardrobe. A fashionable women's top will let you dress it up or dress it down. If edgy is more your style then keep a good selection of sexy women's tops such as crop tops, peplum tops, basic women's t-shirts or even mesh cotton tops. VivaVuva Leggings is always looking for amazing women's tops that will mix and match easily with not only leggings but with denim jeans, maxi skirts and other women's bottoms. Remember, for us ladies, selection and pairing options is what makes our fashion wardrobes easy to mix and match so do not be scared to venture out of your comfort zone once in while! Shopping online for women's tops can be a jungle to say the least. VivaVuva always strive to carry the best women's tops available in a host of varying colors, styles, fabrics and colors.


Maxi Skirts

There is nothing like a great fitting maxi skirt and yes, VivaVuva is proud to carry some of the very best maxi skirts online. Maxi skirts have become a fashion necessity as they give you a look and fashion style that is so adaptive in today's fashion world. Maxi skirts can give you a new touch of sexy elegance or conservation fashion style. The mere fact that a maxi skirt's coverage is much more than pencil skirts, mini skirts or midi skirts lends them very well to an office environment or professional setting. Today's women's fashion gives you an amazing selection of fabrics, colors and textures so that you can pick a style that lends itself optimally to your personality and individual expression. Maxi skirts can also give you more than enough sexy attitude as well. Do not under estimate the versatility of a great looking sexy maxi skirt. If you haven't added them to your women's fashion wardrobe then we suggest picking out a basic one to start. A basic black maxi skirt is very functional in virtually all areas of your social and professional life. With great coverage, maxi skirts still give your a wonderful body contouring look that can shape and style your body into a sexy yet classy fashion style. Women who try adding maxi skirts to their wardrobe for the first time are almost always amazed as to how they could have lived so long without them in their women's fashion selection. Style, versatility and comfort are only a few reasons why maxi skirts should be in your wardrobe at all times and VivaVuva always offers new and exciting maxi skirt styles to keep your fashion wardrobe on the leading edge of sexy style.


Bodysuits, Jumpsuits and Catsuits

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